Top 5 Music Platforms New Artist Should Explore in 2024

Music can change the world, And in this 21st century music is the most popular thing which everybody really love to listen in their daily basis. To listen music, there are unlimited platforms available on the internet where people can listen every kind of music. So if you are a music artist who really wants to grow your carrier as a music artist, then this post can be helpful to you. This post is all about top 5 new music platforms every artist should explore for their music to upload. Those who are beginner, they should try these music streaming platform in the beginning of their carrier so that they can upload their music to these low competition platforms. Not only that even these platform like MySpace, Pandora, MixCloud has their own specialty which artist can try to become success.

Top 5 Music Platforms New Artist Should Explore

Why These Platforms?

Basically there are so many huge popular music streaming platform available which has over billions of users. But if you are a beginners’ artist, and you want to that your music get much popularity then in those popular platforms, then it might be difficult in the beginning because there are so many popular artists available. So in the beggaring of your music artist carrier instead of those platform they should try these platform which has shared here. AS these platform isn’t that much popular as compare to Spotify, Apple Music so there will be high chance of your music popularity. So if you are new in this music industry then you should try these music streaming platform first before big platforms. Here we talk about all the best 5 underrated platforms as compare to Spotify and other like, so know all about these and chose your favorite one and upload music and bet popular.



Deezer is one of the best French music streaming service founded in 2007, And the company was available for music since 2016. Deezer has currently over 100 millions users in all over the world which various kinds of music available. This Deezer’s personalized recommendations is one of the best because it shows only that kinds of music which users always love to listen. So if your users will listen to your one music, and they will get all of your music’s recommendation always.

Key Features

  • Artist Pages: It offers very detailed information about artist in very simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Offline Listening: With Deezer you can listen to music in offline mode, just save them to offline mode and listen anytime.
  • Personalized Recommendations: One of the best recommendation for its users, Always Offer users favorite tracks.
  • High Quality: Listen to always one of the best high quality music with its special music features and Personalization.
  • Multiple Subscription: users can subscribe with multiple subscription as their need from low to high.


Image: Tidal

Tidal is one of the best music streaming platform which was founded in 2014 by Swedish public company Aspiro, And currently is having over 10 million users from all over the world. Tidal offer one of the high quality streaming with 16-bit/44.1kHz including Master Quality Authenticated, in short MQA. This platform is mostly known for music videos and some exclusive video content, which is unavailable for most of the music streaming platform across the internet.

Key Features

  • Social Features: This features basically allow users to share what they are listening too with their friends.
  • Video Content: One of the best things is it allow users to music videos and exclusive video content.
  • Tidal X Concerts and Events: Tidal host so many live events with their popular artist with their listener with some special subscription.
  • Offline Mode: Save your favorite music to offline mode and listen to them anytime, even without having internet.
  • Multiple Subscription: Users can subscribe their plan in very low and high cost as per their need.


Image: MixCloud

MixCloud is mostly known for its special and exclusive remix musics in all over the world, MixCloud was founded in 2008, and currently it has over 5 million users from worldwide. This music streaming platform ins’t like others which only focus on individual tracks, Instead MixCloud known for long format content too. Those who are really addicted to listen remix and DJ music, they will this MixCloud once they will explore this platform to listen music.

Key Features

  • DJ Mixes and Radio Shows: Mixcloud basically mostly known for its incredible remix and DJ streaming which users really love to listen.
  • Podcast Hosting: It’s allow podcast where artist host talk show and even music related content too.
  • Subscription Model: With Mixcloud users can purchase a subscription for individual creators for a monthly fee.
  • Mobile Apps: Mixcloud ha mobile app for both IOS and Android, so any users can listen to their favorite remix no matter which device they are using.
  • Offline Mode: Listen to music in offline mode if you don’t have Internet, just save musics to offline.


Image: Pandora

Pandora is one of the fan favorite music streaming platform in all over the world only because of its fewer ads as compare to other biggest streaming platform. Pandora was founded in 2000 by Will Glaser; Jon Kraft; Tim Westergren and others, since that time it has currently more than 100 million of users. Here, users can listen all their favorite music in one platform with various kinds of music taste like party, romantic, rock, rap, and also other genre.

Key Features

  • Pandora has its own radio custom radio stations as per users preference.
  • this is a free platform, but free users have to watch so many ads and to avoid each of ads they have subscribed with premium subscription.
  • With the premium account users can enjoy so many additional features such as offline playback, demand listening, high quality streaming and also many more.
  • Pandora users can customize their own radio station with specific artists, genres, or themes.


Image: SoundCloud

Currently, SoundCloud is one of the most popular music platform in all over the world, which has more than 100 million users. This streaming platform, mostly known for independent artists where artist can share their music very easily as compare to other platform. One of the best thing about SoundCloud, it’s allow users to comment on each of the music with its specific parts. So basically, users can share their experience with artist so they can improve their music quality.

Key Features

  • SoundCloud is mostly known for its independent music, where anybody can upload their own music and make it popular.
  • It’s a completely free to listen platform where users can access only having with internet, but there was premium option too where they get many additional features.
  • SoundCloud is not like other platform where you can’t do comment, Basically you can share your feedback to the artist using comment section.
  • With the Audience Analytics features, artist can analyze audience movements so that they can improve their tracks.


Q: Which is the best platform, Spotify or SoundCloud?

Ans: Basically if you are finding for large library of mainstream music then Spotify would be the best option. But as an independent artist, SoundCloud would always be best.

Q: What is the maximum length of Mixcloud?

Ans: The length of Mixcloud in’t too high but still it’s quite good as a listen and that is up to 15 minutes long.

Q: Can more than 1 person listen to Pandora?

Ans: If you have subscribed to the family plan in Pandora, then don’t worry, it has allowed more than six people.

Q: Why use Tidal instead of Spotify?

Ans: Basically Tidal always known for its one of the best feature and that is hi-fi and master quality sound which you can’t find in Spotify.

Q: How long is Deezer free for?

Ans: It’s always depended on user’s region and eligibility, so there are no specific numbers, but approximately it has 30 or 90 days for free.


New artist always finds for the best platform where they can start their journey as music artist, And nowadays, there are so much music streaming platform available, so it’s hard to choose one. But this post is all about top 5 new music platforms every artist should try in the beginning of their music artist journey. As everyone knows that SoundCloud in mostly known for its independent music, so it can be also the best option. Just like are other platform like Pandora, MixCloud, Tidal, Deezer and every platform are different and they some with some special features. So if you want to a successful music artist then you should try these all and choose your best one.