Discover The Top 8 SoundCloud Podcasts You Can’t Afford To Miss

If you are very active on the Internet then you know that podcasts have become an exciting way to learn, laugh, and stay informed with the new information around the world. If you love to listen to podcasts then today’s post is definitely for you. That is because, in today’s post, we are going to introduce you to the SoundCloud platform which is very popular for music and also has a huge library of podcasts. Let’s explore SoundCloud’s 8 most popular podcasts that you shouldn’t miss.

List Of Most Popular 8 Podcasts Of SoundCloud

Discover The Top 8 SoundCloud Podcasts
  1. The Daily Dose of Chill
  2. The Creative Mind
  3. Tech Talk Unplugged
  4. Real Talk Relationships
  5. Laugh Out Loud Comedy Hour
  6. Mindful Living with Mia
  7. Sports Fanatic Zone
  8. Bookworm’s Paradise

Let’s give you a bit of a spoiler about all these podcasts and what they have in them so that you can get some interest in them. So without wasting your time let’s get started.

The Daily Dose of Chill

This is the best podcast that you can listen to after a very busy and toxic day. If you want to make your mind fresh as you wake up from bed on a new day then the daily dose of chill is the best podcast for you. This is hosted by Sam and it will serve you a smooth mixing of instrumental beats with calming sounds. This podcast is perfect for creating a peaceful environment while working, studying, etc. If you want to explore it more then you should explore the podcast on the soundcloud platform.

The Creative Mind

Everyone in this world has a creative mind but their fields are very different and sometimes it takes ears to find out their Desire field. for such people who want a creative Spark in their mind, The Creative Mind is a must-listen podcast. One of the best things about this podcast is that it is hosted by Lisa, and if you are fascinated by podcasts then you know that Lisa is an amazing artist and a storyteller. that means she will make this podcast very amazing with her style. No matter whether you are an artist, writer, musician or anybody will find a very fantastic inspiration with the podcast within every episode.

Tech Talk Unplugged

Are you fascinated by the technology that is coming towards us at a very fast speed? Just like technical Guruji on the internet, you will have Tech Talk Unplugged podcast on the SoundCloud platform. As the Guruji told every information about the technology on its YouTube channel in the Hindi language this podcast is hosted by Alex and Jake in very simple English language. This podcast will offer you all the latest tech trends, gadgets, and innovations information regularly. There will be a point-to-point state-forward discussion about the tech and the newest information available for you so there is no time wasted in this podcast.

Real Talk Relationships

The relationship is a very toxic thing for many of the US but for some others, it is a very nice experience of making love with another personality. It can be tricky for some others and all of these dogs will be discussed in the Real Talk Relationships podcast. The best thing about this podcast is that if you are not in a relationship then you can get the experience from the people who are in relationships for a long time. This is hosted by Sarah and Mark They will discuss all the UPS and towns of various relationships including advice and share personal stories. And if you want some suggestions then we will advise you to listen to these podcasts because they can be very relatable and also become a comforting guide for everyone.

Laugh Out Loud Comedy Hour

Our elders used to say slang that is you can increase your blood by laughing. Laugh Out Loud Comedy Hour Podcast will make it real for everyone because everyone needs good love. The best thing about this podcast is that it is hosted by hilarious Deo, Chris, and Jenny. If you love to watch stand-up comedy, and funny jokes with interviews then this podcast is definitely for you. there will be great comedians who will make fresh jokes and also perform stand-up comedy for you. By listening to these podcasts you can brighten your day and make it wonderful.

Mindful Living with Mia

Do you think you are disturbed many times and also imagine what is your dream life? If yes then you have the right place because Mindful Living with Mia is the best podcast that you can listen to and enjoy what you are having right now. You can join me on mindful living because in this podcast, she will explore the principles of mindfulness where she will provide some practical tips for living happy and how you can make your life more balanced. She will make you a master of meditation techniques for daily mindfulness practices. This podcast is a gentle guide to making your mind calm in all situations.

Sports Fanatic Zone

As we all know from our childhood we have sacrificed our dream of becoming a cricketer. And if you are a sports enthusiast then this podcast is your ultimate destination. Sports Fanatic Zone is hosted by Mic and Emily and this podcast this due will cover everything about the latest game highlights in depth and also give you information about the discussion of their favourite teams and the members. If you are a sports person then this podcast is best for you no matter whether you are into football, basketball, or any other sport. Both these hosts will keep you up to date with the best entertainment.

Bookworm’s Paradise

If you are in love with books and love to read books then you have arrived at the best place. Here we are going to tell you a bit about Bookworm Paradise. This podcast is hosted by Amy and Brian, they will dive into books for you and reviews about that book, they also do author interviews and literary discussions which you will love to listen to. No matter whether you are in love with reading frictional and non-fictional books with the help of these duo you can Discover new books and also get a new collection in your library.

Some Useful FAQs

How to get a new podcast on this SoundCloud platform?

Just click on the discover option there you will get a search bar and you can search your interests on that.

Can I enjoy podcasts on this platform without the internet?

Yes, you can download the podcasts whenever you are connected to the internet and enjoy them later.

How to listen to podcasts without ads on this platform?

You can get a subscription to this application which offers some premium features and also a free experience.

Is there any feature to add all my favorite podcasts at one place?

Yes on this platform you can create a playlist where you can add all your favourite episodes.


SoundCloud is the best podcast platform that you can get on the internet today. No matter on which topic you want a podcast, this platform will offer you all with your preference. If you read out today’s post then we have told you the best 8 highly recommended podcasts for you.  Whether you’re into relaxation, creativity, technology, relationships, comedy, mindfulness, sports, books, or anything others here is everything for you. So what you are waiting for is plug in your headphones, enjoy a hit podcast, and explore new things without damaging your eyes. And our mission is to make this a perfect strong community for SoundCloud Lover.