Top 10 SoundCloud Features Every Musician Should Use

If you have taken your step towards becoming a magician and also set up your platform on SoundCloud then let us unravel the magical part of this platform. In today’s post, we will introduce you to the top 10 and most important features of SoundCloud that musicians must know. If you read this post carefully, we are sure you will become a pro and can use all features very easily. So without wasting your time let’s get started.

Why did You Choose SoundCloud?

Top 10 SoundCloud Features

As we all know there are a lot of platforms available on the internet. But if you want to become an artist then Soundcloud is the best platform. There are several reasons that we are taking it to the top of that list. And if you are an artist then any other platform will never offer you features like SoundCloud is offering to you. So without wasting your time let us tell you the top 10 features of this platform that you can use as an artist.

Top 10 SoundCloud Features

Top 10 SoundCloud Features

Let’s provide you with a list by which you can get the information about all those 10 features in one place after that we will elaborate on all those features. And by reading that you will get the information correctly on what the features are exactly about. So read all of this information carefully so you can grow your account very fastly:

  1. Create Your Profile Wonderland:
  2. Upload Your Musical Babies:
  3. Craft Catchy Descriptions:
  4. Tagging for Discovery:
  5. Playlist Prowess:
  6. Engage with Your Fans:
  7. Collaborate with Others:
  8. Embrace Insights:
  9. Monetization Mingle:
  10. Share Beyond SoundCloud:
  11. Bonus Tip:

Create Your Profile Wonderland

Create Your Profile Wonderland

As we all know you are profile is your online musical home and you can see it is a studio in your pocket. So your first name should be to make it cozy. And for that, you have to add a profile picture that can define you and your company. It can be your face or your company logo by which your listeners will recognize you. After that, you have to write a short bio that will define you where you have to introduce yourself. Think to remember here is to keep it simple and also keep it real.

Upload Your Musical Babies

Upload Your Musical Babies

You have to make a good strategy by which you have to release your tracks on this platform. For example, first, you can give a demo and a teaser to your audience. Then after one or two days, you have to release your full track. with the help of a strategy like this, you can make Hype about your music. Just go to the upload button pick your full track and share it with your loved ones. Your growth is in your hands so make a good strategy enjoy your working hours and be consistent

Craft Catchy Descriptions

Craft Catchy Descriptions

While you are uploading your music or track just before hitting the upload button you have to create a description of what you have cooked. You have to write a description and tell the listeners a little story about your track how you getting inspired and for home you dedicate the song. Make sure that your description should be short and point-to-point. It must be in an easy language that all your listeners cannot understand.

Tagging for Discovery

Tagging for Discovery

At the time of uploading your tracks after writing the description, you have to use the tag option. Tagging is an outstanding feature by which listeners can find your tracks. Tags are the keywords that you can use according to your music. When the audience writes these keywords in the search bar your track will be also shown to them. With the help of this method, you can get organic listeners to your account.

Playlist Prowess

You have to make music based on different categories. For example, party songs, sad songs, trap best songs, melody songs, and many more. To categorise them you have to use the playlist option on this platform. You have to create a playlist for all your tracks and categorize them also. It will help the listeners to figure out the songs they want very easily. It is the coolest way to guide your listeners through your musical journey.

Engage with Your Fans

After uploading your tracks your job is to engage with your friends and listeners. It is all possible because SoundCloud is a social space for music lovers. On this platform, you can respond to comments on your tracks, Express gratitude for positive feedback, and also get the information that your listeners want to give you for the next tracks. It will create an environment like family and it’s like chatting with your members.

Collaborate with Others

If you think you are not getting a new audience then you can use this method. You have to make other artists friends on this platform once you are friends you can collaborate with them. The benefit of this feature is that after collaborating you can get their audience also on your account. This will automatically enhance the engagement of your account and you will get new listeners if they like your work.

Embrace Insights

As you had used insights options on Instagram-like applications here you can use these features. With the help of these features, you can get to know how your tracks are doing. It will show you play counts also you can see where your listeners are coming from, it will show you which is the main track collecting the new audience. Once you get to know which category has the greatest audience you can make a strategy and gain more followers.

Monetization Mingle

Monetization Mingle

Once you are getting a good number of followers and engagement on your account this platform also gives you a monetization feature. With the help of this feature, you can get money for your work. The larger number of your streams will get you a large amount of money. And just imagine you are getting money for your passion, nothing is better than that. So what you are waiting for?

Bonus Tip

  1. Give a different Vibe to your music so you can gather a new audience based on your music. That is because it will be your permanent audience.
  2.  you have to maintain consistency and stuck on your schedule so you are audience will always wait for your tracks.
  3. Make new friends on this platform and collaborate with them to get attention from their audience on your account. If they love your work they will also follow you.

Some FAQs

SoundCloud offers so many features will it confuses us.

Not all of these features are straightforward and once you use these features you will become an expert after some time.

How to see the insights of my account on this platform?

Just go to the settings, and after that click on the account button, there you will see the insights option just click on that.

After how many days do I have to release my next track?

This is totally up to you, you have to make your schedule. for example, you can release one song in a week.

How to discover tags related to my track?

This is a very easy to find out the relative tags. if you are creating sad music when you can use sad songs, sad status, and many more like this as tags.


These are the main features that an artist should know on this platform. We are very sure that once you go through all these features you can get a new audience very easily. But remember one thing the platform and features will never work alone you have to work hard to maintain your audience. So what you are waiting for is to take all your equipment and cook healthy music. To get more informative article related to SoundCloud, keep visiting on, Thank You.