SoundCloud vs Spotify: Choosing the Right Platform For Your Music

People love to listen music everyday in various platforms from all over the world. So the concern is which music streaming platform to choose for best music as there are so many platforms available in the world. So this post is all about discussing SoundCloud vs Spotify, choosing the right platform for your music. As everyone known that Spotify is the most popular music streaming platform in the world in the other hand SoundCloud is also one of the best and popular platform. So people are confusing between these two streaming service like which one they should use. So let’s discuss this topic and let’s go to the root of these two biggest music streaming platform between Spotify and SoundCloud.

SoundCloud vs Spotify

What Is SoundCloud?

SoundCloud is a one of the most popular music streaming platform which has over 100 million of users in all over the world offered by SoundCloud Global Limited & Co. KG. The SoundCloud, mostly known for its independent music scene where anybody can upload their original music and become successful. To become a SoundCloud independent and emerging artists, there are no required for any kinds of distributor. Here, users can listen music from so many popular artists from all over the world in various genres.

What is Spotify?

Spotify is the largest music streaming platforms globally, which has over 1 billion of users in all over the world. Spotify offer users. The Spotify was offered by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon in 2006, since it’s founded it’s become so popular for its various music genres from all over the world. In Spotify, users can find every kind of music they want to, basically Spotify has the largest music library.

Features of SoundCloud

SoundCloud is one of easy to use streaming platform which anybody can access and upload their music and also can listen to their favorite music from tier favorite artist. Find your favorite playlist in SoundCloud also create your favorite playlist by choosing all your favorite music. SoundCloud offer endless facilities tho their artist and also for listener, so let’s get into this.

User-Generated Content

As compare to other music streaming platform, SoundCloud is an emphasis on user-generated content. SoundCloud has one of the easy-to-use interface for their listener and for artist too and that is one of the reason why people love to use this streaming service instead of others. To become a SoundCloud artist you don’t need any kinds of distributor, Artist can create and upload music in their your own.

Direct Engagement

One of the best thing about SoundCloud, it’s direct engagement facilities, Basically users can commend on each of tracks so that they can connect with their artist directly. As compare to other streaming platform here, users can share their feedback and their opinion to their artist about how hey feel about that artist. So if you use SoundCloud, then you can communicate with your artist in the comment section.


Those who are crazy about music and who also love to explore new genre of music from all over the world. In SoundCloud there are so many artists who are not so popular, but they create some amazing creativity music as compare to other platform artist. People can explore so many new genres of music in the SoundCloud, So discover new genre music with incredible artist.

Free Access

One of the best thing about SoundCloud is its free to access although others platform also free to use, but the thing is in those streaming platform users have to watch so many ads before listening to music. SoundCloud allow their users to a significant amount of content without a subscription. And with the subscription users can explore more content, even premium content if any artist provides.

Features of Spotify

As everyone knows that Spotify in the biggest music streaming platform in the world. Here, music lover can explore the biggest music library where available. Users can explore endless top music playlist, even they can create their playlist with their favorite music. Not only that, enjoy endless podcast in Spotify from all your favorite popular celebrity in the world where they share about many things like personal life professional life and many more.

Best Podcast Show

Wna to enjoy best podcast show which hosted by celebrity from all over the world then Spotify can be your best platform. As we all know that in 2024 podcast is one of the best popular content where people share many things about them and also what’s going on in the world. In Spotify, you can listen to podcast from its biggest artist like Crime Junkie, Armchair Expert, Call Her Daddy, The Biggest, and also other biggest start of Spotify.

Offline Experience

Don’t have enough Internet to listen to music, then just use Spotify and listen each of the thing in offline mode, but you have to save them to offline mode with internet. But the thing is this offline listening service in’t for everyone, in short if you are a premium subscriber then you can enjoy the offline service. And if you are a regular user of Spotify, then you can’t get the offline listening.


Analytics features of Spotify are very important and useful feature for their artist where they can track everything related music and profile. It’s very important to tracks and analytics when you are an artist in Spotify, where you can look up to every thing like how your music is going and how much reach it’s getting for a single music. This Analytics features help a lot to artist to improve their skills and creativity.


Spotify Monetization is a process that can use an artist and creators used to earn income from Spotify platform. Additionally, Spotify also offers their artist a brand promotion, which is another way to earn money from Spotify. And if you are an independent musician, and shared your music various platform to make money, then you can also use Spotify to increased your income. Spotify gives their artist multiple option to make money including, Streams and Royalties, Spotify for Artists, Playlist Placement, Merchandise and Ticket Sales. It’s make more opportunities for an independent artist, and make motivate for next music.

Spotify vs SoundCloud

Free to use a significant amount of contentTo enjoy Spotify without interruption, It’s need Subscription
Anybody can create and upload their musicNot for everyone, here need distributor to become artist
Offline listening if or Paid SubscribersSpotify also allows offline with their premium users.
SoundCloud is best for independent Music Spotify best for biggest music library


Q: What is the best Spotify or SoundCloud?

Ans: If you look for music artist then you should first try the SoundCloud as compare to Spotify because SoundCloud is best for independent music.

Q: Why do people post on SoundCloud and not Spotify?

Ans: The reason is unlike Spotify, SoundCloud don’t any kinds of distributor to post on it. In the other hand, Spotify need distributor to upload anything with wait a month for it to appear.

Q: How many songs can you post on SoundCloud?

Ans: For a free user they can post up to 15 music to SoundCloud, But if you subscribe to it then you are able to post unlimited music.

Q: Who has better sound quality Spotify or SoundCloud

Ans: If it’s only about music quality, the users should choose Spotify because Spotify offers the best quality music as compare to SoundCloud in anytime.

Q: Which is cheaper, Spotify or SoundCloud?

Ans: When it’s about which one is cheaper between Spotify and SoundCloud, then it’s almost both are similar price. For 1 month subscription for SoundCloud there SoundCloud Go and SoundCloud Go+, at $4.99/month and $9.99/month. And for Spotify then it’s priced at $9.99/month, but Spotify offer more than value than SoundCloud.


For new music artist who are really finding for the best music streaming platform where they can upload their music to become successful artist, this post is for them. Because here we have compare between one of the two biggest music streaming platform in the world and that Spotify vs SoundCloud. So if you want to grow as a music artist then this post can be very helpful to you, just read the full post and choose between these to which suits you the most.