SoundCloud Monetization: Turning Your Passion For Music into Profits

SoundCloud, a true platform where people can grow as a music artist without anyone’s help because SoundCloud is always best for independent artist in the world. People who are really passionate about music, and they search for a batter platform where they can share their music and earn from there. And to turn your music passion into earning SoundCloud would be the always best option for music artist. So those who are new in this music and don’t know about how then can earn money from SoundCloud, then this post is all about turning your passion for music into Profits in SoundCloud. So know about SoundCloud earning and how it’s pay to their artist and how you can boost your earning in SoundCloud.

Turning Your Passion For Music into Profits

How SoundCloud Monetization Work?

Those who are don’t know how SoundCloud monetization work, then know all about here. Basically, to earn from SoundCloud, artists should first get their Premier Program. To get Premier Program it’s required some numbers like at least 5,000 plays in the past month from those countries where SoundCloud available then the artist should at least 18 year or older. Now to earn as s SoundCloud there are also so many ways available like doing paid partnership and also doing collab with other influencers. But to earn from extra sources, artist should be relevant, otherwise they will get very low earning.

Join The SoundCloud Premier Program

There are not any specific earning which SoundCloud pay to their artist in per stream but approximately it almost between $2.50–$4 for every 1000 audio plays and $0.0025 to $0.004 in per stream or plays. But to earn like this, artist have to first get the Premier Program, which is like monetization. And to be eligible for the Premier Program, an artist should have at least 5,000 streams in past months in those countries where SoundCloud available. Now one of the most important things is you need to at least 18 year or older.

Enable Monetization Features

To earn money first you need to be eligible for enabling the monetization features, Once you are ready to be eligible, and you have accepted into the Premier program then you can on the monetization to earn money from SoundCloud. Now you have to turn on some monetization features like you can apply ads on your each of the content. Now other one is you can earn from each of the plays for your music. Like if you get so music plays in your tracks then you can earn so much with the plays and also with ads revenue too.

Promote Your Music

For more earning, all its need more plays on your tracks and to get more plays on your track’s artist should promote their tracks throughout various platforms and social media. Social media like Facebook and Instagram where you can share your short music and provide the SoundCloud tracks link so that users can visit the link to listen the full track. Also do paid promotion with those social media influencers those who are into music scene. Paid them and to create their content with your music, so that your music can be more popular across the worldwide.

Explore Other Revenue Streams

Not only using Premier Program, even you can earn from more sources in SoundCloud and you should explore those ways too. Just like you can sell merchandise which you have to make using your brand. So that those users who you are your fan they can buy those merchandise, and you can earn from there also. But to sell merchandise you have to be relevant and quite popular, otherwise it’s hard to sell merchandise in any platform. Just like build a strong fan base to that, users can listen to you and make trust on you. Also, you can offer premium content through a subscription model, where you will share your exclusive music only with those listeners who have your premium subscription.

Copyright and Licensing

Create copyright and license for your each of the content, otherwise people will re-upload your tracks, and it will effect on your plays. SoundCloud allow their artist to use creative commons licenses for their each of the tracks, where you can specify how others can use your music. Like, you can allow people who use your music for non-commercial purpose. And if someone is using your tracks for commercial purpose, then you can charge them for money. SoundCloud has Content ID helps artist to identify and manage copyrighted tracks. This rights system artist can use to maintain the use of their copyrighted material.

Create High-Quality Content

SoundCloud pay their artist according to how much their tracks have plays, if your tracks get fewer plays then your earning will also be less. So to get so much stream and plays on your each of the tracks, you always should create high quality and top-notch music with incredible lyrics. So to create high quality music, always work on your music skill where you can write batter lyrics and produce high quality music. Invest on high quality production and offer creativity on your every track which nobody offer. And that will be a key point for you why people will listen to your music instead of others.

Build a Strong Brand and Identity

Build a strong brand and identity throughout the social media and always be recognizable for everyone. And to build a strong brand, do collaboration with other popular artist and social media influencers so that new audience will reach you. And when you will get new audience from other artist, try to offer your best music and tracks to them so that they will get impress, and they will start to listen you too. Create a profile on every social media platform where you can share your music and other things so that people will know you like who are you and what you do.

Optimize Your SoundCloud Profile

Always build your SoundCloud profile best and well organized with high quality photos and banner. Change your profile banner every time when you will be uploaded a new track and that should be dedicated to your new track. Hire a thumbnail editor who can create banner and thumbnail for your music and also for profile banner. Then offer a short description to your profile with those words which describe you and your personality too. Make your SoundCloud profile like that which people can understand you too easily and your music too.


Q: How much does SoundCloud pay per 1,000 views?

Ans: There are not any specific details available about SoundCloud pay, but approximately it pays between $2.50–$4 for every 1000 streams, And $0.0025 to $0.004 for per plays.

Q: What countries are SoundCloud monetized in?

Ans: There are so many countries where SoundCloud monetized in and talking about some specific once then United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, etc.

Q: What is the requirement to be eligible for SoundCloud Premier Program?

Ans: SoundCloud Premier Program doesn’t have some higher requirement, like to get Premier Program users need at least 5000 streams in past months, and you need to be at least 18-year-old.

Q: What payment methods does SoundCloud accept?

Ans: If you want to receive SoundCloud earn money then there are so many different ways available like you can use Debit, credit, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Discover, etc. You can receive money using PayPal too, but it’s required a credit card.

Q: How to apply for SoundCloud Premier Program?

Ans: To apply for SoundCloud Premier Program, you should have Pro or Pro Unlimited subscription, And your content should be original then you are eligible for further process.


Nowadays, earning from music is not a very big deal, but for new artist it’s quite difficult to choose which streaming platform they should choose in the beginning. So if you are also new in this music industry, then you can turn your passion into profit with SoundCloud. And in this post all we discuss SoundCloud monetization where you can turn your passion for music into profits. So be a successful SoundCloud artist and earn so much from your best music and become popular in all over the world.