Unlocking SoundCloud Verification: A Step-By-Step Guide To Get Verified

Are you very serious about your music or podcasts on the SoundCloud platform? If yes then you have a ride to the right place because in today’s post, we will guide you on how you can achieve the blue mark on this platform which shows that your account is verified. Getting a verified account on SoundCloud is not as easy as walking in a park but do not worry it is possible with rules and regulations. Do not worry cause we are here to break down the process of getting a verified account into simple steps so that you can get a chance to stand out on this platform.

Why Do You Need A Verified Account?

Guide To Get Verified on SoundCloud

If you have a verified account on a platform like SoundCloud it will offer you several benefits. First of all, if you are a verified person it offers credibility and trust among the listeners. the second thing is it will be a stand-out position from the crowd because not all get that blue batch. If you have a verified account your content is more visible and discoverable by the audience because the platform will push your account to the audience automatically. One of the main reasons is that you can get partnerships and collaboration opportunities if you are a verified person.

Benefits of a Verified Account?

By reading these benefits you will get motivation so that you can run a race to get a verified account. That is because one who fights has the chance to win but if you are from the audience then how will the referee raise your hand that you have won? The best thing about a verified account is that you can attract more followers because now your content will be more shared by the platform’s algorithm. You can become a famous personality and also create a professional image in the eyes of brands for promotions. If you are verified once you will get more opportunities and account engagement.

Steps of Getting a Verified Account

These are a few steps that you have to follow and all of these steps are mandatory so that you can get a verified account on this platform. So without wasting your time let’s get started and we will tell you what you have to do. And you have to just follow the steps carefully to make it possible:

  1. Build a Standout Profile:
  2. Gather the Troops:
  3. Drop Quality Beats:
  4. Link Up with the World:
  5. Stay Patient, Stay Persistent:
  6. Keep it Positive Online:
  7. Team Up with Other SoundCloud:
  8. Keep Your Ear to the Ground:

Build a Standout Profile

Profile is the first thing that a user will notice about you. you have to make your profile better than others with these few steps. First, upload a clear profile picture or your logo so that people will recognize you. The second thing is the bio, in the bio you have to tell the world what you are doing here and what your content is related to. In that bio, you have to give links to your other social media accounts, like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. A complete stand-out profile is the first step to catching the SoundCloud algorithm’s eye on your account.

Gather the Troops

This step needs a lot of hard work because the number of followers you have will be better for you. If you want a verified account with only a few followers then it will be very difficult. so share your tracks on social media, engage with most listeners, and also collaborate with your fellow artists so you can gather new audience and followers. To get SoundCloud attention you have to make your SoundCloud family and audience bigger.

Drop Quality Beats

When it comes to listening quality matters the most whether they are music or podcasts. you have to release top-notch tracks or podcast episodes regularly that will reflect your talent. and one of the best things is that consistency is the key. You have to make your listeners habitual of your content.

Link Up with the World

One of the most important things is to connect your SoundCloud profile with other social media platforms. By Linking your profile with those other platforms you can share your work over there. and it will help SoundCloud algorithm that you are a serious artist or content creator.

Stay Patient, Stay Persistent

As we all know it takes a lot of time to build a Kingdom. same here you will never get a verified account in a few days so be patient every time. You have to keep producing great content just like you are doing it as you are doing it on first time. Your consistency and hard work will reflect to the SoundCloud team that you are not a simple user, but you are here to run a long race.

Keep it Positive Online

You have to maintain a positive image in the eye of the sound clouds algorithm. It is only possible when you follow all community guidelines, be respectful, and avoid all bad business. That is because a clean reputation will help you convince the SoundCloud team to verify your account.

Team Up with Other SoundCloud Users

When you are consistent in your work there will be other artists on this platform who will be friends of you. They will collaborate with you so that you can join the community of this platform. When you interact with your fellow creators you will get new followers and engagement on your account. It will help you to get your account noticed in the eyes of the SoundCloud team.

Keep Your Ear to the Ground

There are many changes in the rules and regulations and the process of getting account verification. You have to be informed every time about all the changes. To get information you can check SoundCloud’s official blog, announcements, and other things. By getting all the changes information you can change your strategy based on that latest information.

Peoples Also Asked

Do we get more collaborations if we have a verified account?

Yes, you are right that is because brands will make partners who have more engagement and family members on their accounts.

How much time it will take to get my account verified?

Nobody knows the perfect time to get a verified account. if you get viral on your first day and gain a lot of followers then you can get a very verified account within a week. and if you are working hard for 6 months. Then it is possible to not get a verified account also.

How to get more followers in less time on the SoundCloud platform?

By offering the best sound quality to your audience and also by collaborating with fellow artists you can get a more crowd.

What are the main rules and regulations that we have to follow?

To get all the information about community guidelines, rules, and regulations you can follow their privacy policy page.


It is not easy to get a verified account on SoundCloud and platforms like this. But with the right moves and information, you can achieve that with patience. You can make it happen by following the steps that we told you in the above post. So don’t wait let’s hard work and polish your profile by offering quality beats on this platform. We are very sure that after following the steps you can get the blue batch and verify your account. In SoundCloudMp3.io we’re consistently working to provide the genuine and working tips for SoundCloud users, so if you want to appreciate our work then share with others.