How SoundCloud's Algorithm Influences Your Music's Reach

SoundCloud is now one of the biggest music streaming platform in all over the world where people can listen to the biggest artist’s music, and also they can stream their own music. In SoundCloud, users can listen to their biggest favorite artist’s music like Billie Eilish, Soulja Boy, Azealia Banks, Big Sean, and also many artists. So here you can know all about how SoundCloud’s algorithm influences your music’s reach, if you are artist like other in SoundCloud then this post will be very informative for you. Basically to become a popular and successful artist in SoundCloud is not an easy thing for people, it’s need to so much hard work and talent. The most important thing is to know about SoundCloud algorithm so that artist can follow those algorithms and stream music by following them, So their music will be more popular.

How SoundCloud's Algorithm Influences Your Music's Reach

What Is SoundCloud?

SoundCloud is now one of the most popular music streaming platform where users love to listen all kinds of music, even podcasts too. The SoundCloud was founded in 2007 by Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss. Since this platform founded it’s becoming very popular day by day for it’s specially as compare to other music streaming platform. One of the biggest reasons to become more popular is its independent and emerging musicians to showcase their work, which users really like. One of the best thing about SoundCloud is it’s the largest audio discovery platform in the world. So in short SoundCloud is one of the best platform to listen music and for streaming artist own music too where users can explore various kinds of music from all over the world.

Algorithm Of SoundCloud

Talking about SoundCloud specific algorithm, then there is no algorithm offered by the platform which people should follow, But there are many things which artist to follow for their more popularity to their music. As per now, they don’t have any specific algorithm, some simple steps which other popular artist follow in their SoundCloud account for their music to get more popular across the world. So If you also want to know about some simple and effective tip related to SoundCloud, then this post is all about how SoundCloud’s algorithm influences your music’s reach.

Engagement Metrics

Talking about SoundCloud algorithm, then it’s consider as plays, likes, reposts, comments, and shares. Like the ratio of your tracks like comments and plays. It’s major by if your track has millions of streams, but it didn’t get that mush like and comment then it will be popular track but not user’s favorite because if users love to listen a track then they should also like it. So always work on users favorite music like what kinds of tracks they love to listen so that your tracks will get more reach.

User Behavior

User behavior is the most important thing which SoundCloud algorithm follows like it’s major on how your tracks people listen. Like if users start to listen another music while middle of listening a track of yours, then it will get a bad impression. So create music like which always grab your audience attention towards your every tracks so that it will get so much attention and reach as compare to others tracks.

Genre and Tagging

If you are a beginner artist then you should always try to upload those types of musics which your listener love to listen. Because if you always change your music genre, then users might not like that. Like, keep consistent on a same genre until you get a popular artist on SoundCloud. Once you get more popular and successful in SoundCloud, then you can try or experiment with new tracks and genre. Otherwise, always try to offer that kinds of genre which your audience like to listen.


Every artist should always consistent until get a stable reach to their profile in any industry, whether it’s music or other things. Because consistency is the key of success, If you consistently offer music to your listener then it will give you lots of reach to your each and every track you will be uploaded in the future. If you are not consistent, then your reach will get very low, and you will never get that much reach in your any tracks in the future. So in short, consistency is the most important thing for your tracks reach.


Do you know what most of the audience love to get? Basically, it’s collaboration with their favorite artist. Like if a listener will get tracks you and a popular artist make a music together, then they will love to listen those tracks. And collaboration gave artist so much reach in any kind’s platform, whether it’s SoundCloud or other platform. So if you can then collab with those artists who also create tracks like you create, so the audience will connect with it most, and it will give your track so much reach.

Quality of Content

Quality is the only thing which people love in anything and talking about music then quality is the most important thing which artist while follow while create any music. If your tracks are always in very high quality, then users will always listen to your music, whether you are a popular artist or not. And if you always gave your audience quality music then any user never start listening another music in the middle of your tracks and that can ruin your impression. In any platform quality is the only thing which can give artist reach and in SoundCloud also.

FAQ Related SoundCloud

Q: What is the most listened to song on SoundCloud?

Ans: There are so many popular steams in SoundCloud like Migos – Bad and Boujee, Major Lazer & DJ Snake – Lean On, Juice WRLD – Lucid Dreams, Lil Uzi Vert – XO TOUR Llif3, and more. But the most streaming was Promise by Jimin, which has more than 327.7 million plays.

Q: What are the benefits of SoundCloud?

Ans: Although there are so many benefit of listening music in SoundCloud, but one of the most lovable thing which people love about SoundCloud is it comes with very user friend interface and also SoundCloud is also popular for its popular remix tracks.

Q: Can I use SoundCloud without Internet?

Ans: Yes, SoundCloud offer offline listening to their users but if you want to listen music offline in SoundCloud then first you should have to save those tracks to offline mode. Then you can listen to those musics anytime without having music.

Q: Is SoundCloud free forever?

Ans: Yes, of course SoundCloud is absolutely free to use and listen platform and that’s one of the reason why people consider SoundCloud as compare to other music streaming platform.


Consistency is the key of success for all kinds of platform and work field in the world, And talking about SoundCloud, then here also artist should be consistent with their listener. So that listener can always connect with them, and that’s the biggest algorithm of SoundCloud. But to become a successful SoundCloud artist there are more many things which makes an artist a successful, and this post is all about how SoundCloud’s algorithm influences your music’s reach.