Guide to SoundCloud Marketing: Boosting Your Presence and Plays

SoundCloud is now one of the most popular music steaming platform in all over the world which has currently more than 100 million user worldwide. The best thing about SoundCloud, it’s independent music scene in the world, here anybody can start their music and becomes a successful artist in the world. So if you are an independent artist who wants to start your music carrier in this music scene then SoundCloud would be the best option for you. And this post also about those beginners who just started their carries as SoundCloud artist, in this post we discuss all about the ultimate guide to SoundCloud marketing and boosting your presence and plays for better engagement. You should follow these steps to become a successful SoundCloud artist.

Boosting Your Presence and Plays

How SoundCloud Algorithm Work?

There are no specific SoundCloud algorithm available, but you can find many tips which possibly work for SoundCloud algorithm for every artist. Basically, SoundCloud algorithm work on user’s behavior like how your audience react to your tracks, Every user’s presence and like comment sound matter for your better reach to your tracks. Then how much time user spent on your profile and on your tracks, If users play another music while listening to your music then it’s very bad for your profile algorithm. Moreover, if users listen to your tracks for 1 or 2 times, then SoundCloud will automatically recommend another track to your users, and it’s very helpful for your profile engagement. There are so many things which really helps users to grow a SoundCloud artist, so you know more from this post.

Boost Your SoundCloud Profile

To boost your SoundCloud profile, there are various ways which you should follow for your better engagement, And here we discuss all about the ultimate guide to SoundCloud marketing and boosting your presence and plays for better engagement.

Engage with Your Audience

For becoming a relevant artist, you should always interact with your audience using comment section. Just like always try to adopt their feedback related to your music, like if they suggest anything, just look forward to it. Give them your response through comment so they can connect with you. Also invite your each of the audience on your social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and others. In the social media, you can interact with your audience batter using story and posts. Also, you can upload posts using your tracks so those who are unknown to your music, they can also find your music on the SoundCloud.

Optimize For SEO

Optimize your profile SEO with high quality thing so that your every music reach to your real audience, And also it can help to get new audience too. While posting new tracks, always well optimize the draft with high quality SEO like use proper tags and a catchy title with stunning thumbnail. Best thing is always created high quality thumbnail and title. Then after uploading the track visit some music related forum and community and share your SoundCloud music link so that new user can reach to your music. Also, on any music forum and community, you can get many suggestions related to how to post tracks on SoundCloud with high quality SEO.

Monitor Analytics

Monitor your user behavior and their like and dislike and analyze so that you can know your users need like what kinds of music they want to from you. Also, using monitor analytics you can know how your tracks are performing, like which part does your user don’t want to listen then you can avoid that kinds of lyrics. Do monitor analytics as much as possible and know your targeted audience and target them using trending tags.

Network With Influencers

Network with influencers and boost your music instantly, Higher some influencers from all over social media like Facebook and Instagram and tell them to make videos using your tracks. It can help you reach so many audiences from social media. Social media is the main source of boosting your content in these days. Also, you can collab with them so that with your and influencer audience, your track can be more popular. But remember one thing, network with those influencers those who make videos and post like that genre which you are into. So that influencer’s audience will reach to your SoundCloud profile, and you will get so much reach too easy.

Stay Informed And Adapt

To bing a relevant artist on the SoundCloud, people should always adapt thing very quickly like trend strategy and algorithm. Every year comes with every new algorithm update with a new strategy where those people who follow the trend strategy they always can bing relevant. New artist should always stay informed related to the community related to their music and trend like what’s going on the SoundCloud and which kinds of music are popular at that time. So the artist can work on the new trend, and they can make a new music which people will be love to listen. So one of the best thing is stay informed with trend and learn thing and apply on your music.

Promote on Music Blogs and Websites

To promote your music, there are so many ideas available which can give you popularity, just like you can promote on social media and some music related community. So to promote your music website and blog posts is also one of the working method. Where you have to contact with those websites which are related to music and sound and higher them and promote your music there. There are so many blog posts also available which are related to music and sound, so there you promote your music. These process can give you so much boost to your every music, and it’s help a lot to your SoundCloud profile for batter reach

Share on Social Media

Social media is the biggest thing where people can promote every type of content no matter it’s music or either anything. And talking about music then that the only thing which has most demand on the social media like for making short videos and reels. So you can share each of the music on social media with a video which also describe your each of music. Even uploading any photo and story, always try to upload that with your music. You can share your music with making reels on Instagram, Share on YouTube by making shorts, Share on WhatsApp story. Every social media has huge number of audience and if your shared post gets viral then it can give you so much reach on your music.


Q: How do I promote myself on SoundCloud?

Ans: There are so many ways available to promote your self on SoundCloud, But one of the great idea is you can share your SoundCloud profile on social media.

Q: Is SoundCloud a good way to get noticed?

Ans: Yes, of course SoundCloud, a good way to get noticed, also SoundCloud is the only best platform for independent music scene in the world.

Q: How much does SoundCloud pay?

Ans: There are not available any specific number of SoundCloud, it depends on countries but estimated SoundCloud pay $0.0025 to $0.004 per stream.

Q: How to save SoundCloud Music?

Ans: To save SoundCloud Music on your device you need to visit SoundCloud Downloader you can simply paste the music link, and you can download any kinds of SoundCloud music.

Q: How do I edit my featured profile on SoundCloud?

Ans: First visit your SoundCloud profile page using web with your PC then click the edit button on your profile header, So now edit thing which you want to edit.

Last Words

If you are new into the SoundCloud and want to grow as SoundCloud independent music artist then this post can be very helpful to you. Because this post is all about guide for boosting your SoundCloud profile. So know all about these tips and apply them into your music and grow as a SoundCloud artist. These tip is all about boosting your SoundCloud profile using social media sharing and by following some algorithm strategy.