Comparing SoundCloud To Top Streaming Platforms: An In-Depth Analysis

Once you are in the musical field there is a main problem about choosing the perfect streaming platform. We have provided a lot of guides to help out our users so why are you wearing about this? In our eyes, SoundCloud is the best platform that you can use but in today’s post, we will give you simple terms by which you get a comparison between other music platforms and this one. We will make your brain clear so you can start your musical streaming journey.

What’s the Sound in SoundCloud?

Comparing SoundCloud To Top Streaming Platforms

Soundcloud is an open mic platform where anyone can share their tunes. it offers you to find out local artists, up-and-coming magicians, and many more on this platform. podcasts are also one of the best things that you can get on this platform. this platform gives space to new users so that they can’t be confident to give their voice to the world.

The Big Names: Spotify and Apple Music

Now let’s talk about other music platforms and the main players of this field. here comes the big dogs Spotify and Apple Music. both of these platforms or now like mainstream radio stations for today’s digital generation. On this platform, you will find your favourite chart-toppers, classics and Library that will never come to an end. But if you have used all of these platforms then you will get to know that SoundCloud offers some extra features.

ServiceFree PlanIndividual PlanFamily PlanStudent Plan
SoundCloudFree with ads$12 per month if billed monthly$8.25 per month when billed annuallyNO
SpotifyFree with ads$9.99 per month$14.99 per month$4.99 per month
Apple MusicFree trial$9.99 per month$16.99 per month$5.99 per month

Exploring Tunes on SoundCloud

If you are listening to music on the SoundCloud platform then it is like a musical Treasure Hunt. this platform will stumble upon hidden gems that you wouldn’t find on mainstream platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. This will be the perfect platform for you if you are always looking for new artists who have magical words in their lyrics and tunes. And if you are an artist yourself you have to look at a platform where you can share your beats and that is soundcloud only.

The Playlist Game

Spotify and Apple Music are the real king of playlists in today’s world. they offer all types of playlists for every mood and occasion, and even you can start your morning with their energetic playlists. It acts like a DJ who knows your vibes for every different occasion. SoundCloud needs to grow about this because they are also having playlists, but they are more of a community mixtape kind of Vibe. so if you want better playlists then you can go with Spotify and Apple Music.

Free Beats

If you are free then Soundcloud will help you by providing you with better musical tones. you can listen to a lot of free music but one thing to remember is that ads might pop up after some time. Spotify and Apple Music also offer you free music but ads are also on those platforms. the best way to get away from ads is to spend some bugs and get their premium version. Spotify and Apple Music along with Soundcloud offer you premium subscriptions so that you can get some extra features and also ads free experience.

Getting Social on SoundCloud

There is one feature that is outstanding for SoundCloud and that is its social Vibe. on this platform, you can comment on tracks, share your thoughts, and connect with the artists. this feature is very amazing and you can also get reviews from other people by opening up the comment section. but on other platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, it’s more about enjoying the tunes without using your hands on the keyboard.

The Artist’s Playground

Soundcloud is a heaven for new artists. That is because they can upload their tracks and also share them with the musical community on this platform. It is just like having your stage where you have the freedom to talk. On the other hand on Spotify and Apple Music, they are like a giant concert Arena, you have to perform there but it is very difficult to get on that stage for everyone. Now the choice is yours what you have to choose we think the sound cloud is better here.

Offline Beats

This is the most common feature that is offered by almost all music platforms. no matter what you are using SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Music. all of these three platforms will let you download your favourite tracks for offline listening. now you can download all your favourite songs at the time when you are connected to Wi-Fi on your internet. once you have downloaded them you can enjoy them as many times as you want.

Variety of Sounds on SoundCloud

The best thing about Soundcloud is that it’s not about music only. it offers you all types of sounds from podcasts to ambient noises. if you are always in search of new music and artists who are not so famous then this platform will be best for you. so whenever you are not listening to music you can listen to podcasts which can give you a good amount of knowledge in the field you want. I think at this point your mind should be clear about what platform you should use.

Payment Plans

Now our time is to shut our mouths and let the money talk. SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Music offer their subscription plans. And if you are using their premium plans then there will be some additional features that you can use and they will also offer you an ad-free experience. That is a good feature but it is not possible that everyone can afford their subscription plans. If you have money then it is very good but if you cannot afford that then there will be some ads to interrupt you.


I have to find out the Hidden Gems of the music industry so which platform I should use?

If you want to listen to new artists and you can say hidden gems then you can go with SoundCloud. It will offer you new music that you have never listened to before.

Which of these platforms offers the best sound quality of music?

All of these three platforms will offer you the best quality output. but you can check on your own which one’s quality is better by using them.

Is it necessary to buy their premium subscriptions?

No, it is not mandatory for all but if you want to remove ads while you are listening to music then you can go with the premium subscriptions.

Which platform is better if I want to upload my sound for the world?

If you want to become an artist and want a lot of listeners will listen to your sound without investing then you can go with SoundCloud.


As we promised we have given you all the information about these music streaming platforms. now you can make your mind clear about what you want to use. If you are only for listening to music then you can go with Spotify and Apple Music. But if you want something more than music then soundcloud is for you. You can find hidden gems on this platform and it also offers you podcasts so you can get some extra information with that. As of now, every platform is perfect because every developer is working hard to make their platform better with new updates.